Pam Farkas Sculpture

Artist Statement

Pam’s love and talent for self-expression and freedom coalesce into her striking ceramic artistic creations.  Some of her pieces have arrived unannounced during moments of calm or excitement, when a balance seemed to be reached between her feeling, thinking and acting. She enjoys the challenges that clay enables - the frustrations and the rewards.  

Her process encompasses the notion of working “with” the clay,  rather than “on” the clay as she forms her sculptural pieces.  She knows that following an evolving shape is vastly preferable to struggling with it. She accepts that the fire of the kiln will have the final say in her glazed endeavors.  Consequently, each of her pieces is totally unique.

Her creations are never seemingly “perfect.” They are not exactly symmetrical, nor completely round, hard-edged or smooth.  As in life, they feel the weight and pull in many directions and find their own destiny. The undulating flows, cracks, ripples and fissures all enhance their own identity.

Sometimes Pam mixes different color clays and leaves them partially glazed or not even glazed, leaving an earthy rough surface.  All of her work reflects the fusion of her energy and the clay’s gravitational intentions. Some of her sculptures appear to have been shaped by nature or directly inspired by meaningful encounters with nature which originate from her father’s influence of appreciating the inherent beauty in our natural world.

Pam hopes that those who acquire her sculptures will integrate them into their homes and lives and appreciate the energy that she has used to create them. 


Pam’s interest in clay began when her son’s then-girlfriend asked her to join in a beginning ceramic’s class.  Not having touched clay since elementary school, a passion awakened that has been burning ever since.

Pam received her B.A. in education from UCLA and her M. S. W. in social work from USC.  She has been a licensed clinical psychotherapist in private practice for the past thirty five years. Pam has been studying sculptural ceramics at Berman Ceramic Studio in North Hollywood, California, for the last twenty years from two mentors with different artistic approaches.  This diversity has merged into Pam’s unique creative style. 

Recent Exhibitions

2017 Ben David Cultural Arts, Rehovot, Israel 

2016 Weingarten GalleryRamat Gan, Israel  

           Bruce Lurie GalleryCulver City, CA 

            101 StudioSanta Monica, CA 

2015 Coda GalleryPalm Desert, CA 

2014 La Galeria GitanaSan Fernando, CA 

2013 James Gray GalleryBergamot, Santa Monica, CA 

2012 Gallery of Functional ArtBergamot, Santa Monica, CA